The 20 Pound Party

“Now Presenting… The 20 Pound Party”  

At weigh in for Ford and Wyatt’s 9 month doctor’s appointment (adjusted age - 6 months), the babies were 19 pounds 13 ounces (Ford) and 18 pounds 12 ounces (Wyatt). A few weeks later… we figured they were close enough to 20 pounds to celebrate a 20 Pound Party! This wasn’t a formal event… we just let F&W play with balloons and delivered cupcakes to the NICU staff.IMG_9649IMG_9642IMG_9659I can’t express how appreciative we were to have such a great team of nurses and doctors by our side – some being personal friends.IMG_9864 IMG_9609Baby Inspiration – The babies were “presented with” the COLOR of blue balloons.IMG_9779The babies were 3 pounds 5 ounces (Ford) and 3 Pounds 1 ounce (Wyatt) when born… HUGE…  as they could have been half this size based on gestation.IMG_9772Wyatt on the scale getting temperature takenIMG_9525Wyatt’s weight inIMG_9515Ford looking at the nurse… Yes, this is definitely a mullet.IMG_9530Ford’s weigh inIMG_9532We picked up some Toasted Coconut Cream Cupcakes.IMG_0275IMG_0931IMG_0923IMG_0207IMG_0202Ready to be deliveredIMG_0507 IMG_0526I sent along some photos of F&W. See the below shots (taken at their doctor’s appointment) edited in Lightroom under preset: Auto Tone, Exposure 0.5, B&W Look 5. I am a rookie photographer, but I thought these turned out to be nice portraits. IMG_9524 IMG_9530 2I never thought I would be excited by 20 pounds of weight gain after Thanksgiving!IMG_9635♥ Tera