First Christmas Morning

“Now Presenting… First Christmas Morning”

Rise and shine! I can’t describe how much I loved picking these two up in their soft pajamas… freshly bathed on Christmas Eve.

IMG_3092IMG_1254We kept things simple for Ford and Wyatt’s first Christmas, deciding to appreciate the age of low expectations. In other words, they mostly cared about the wrapping paper and bows.IMG_0762IMG_0738IMG_1458IMG_1450IMG_2990 IMG_2781 IMG_2759 IMG_2746 IMG_2737 IMG_2882IMG_3047This was a live tree. Something I learned… it helps to “steak” the burlap tightly to the planter. I stuck about ten cake pop sticks into the soil (see below).
IMG_2789IMG_1332IMG_0687Baby Inspiration – The babies were “presented with” CHRISTMAS. Usually, I cover monthly development in each post, but… what more can I say. We all revert to childhood at Christmas time!
IMG_1418 IMG_1421“C” is for Christmas… or Calf Raises.IMG_1486Here is the man behind it all. I love how his hair stands up, but – even more - I love how involved he is in F&W’s life.IMG_1535Watching for Santa…IMG_1337Checking for gifts. My parents got them this sled.IMG_3363It breaks my heart to think one day F&W will have families of their own and might not come home every year for Christmas. Until then, I will cherish every one we have together.IMG_3381Even though I take photos of them constiantly… and compare them side by side month over month… I still don’t know how it happens – How do they grow up so fast?IMG_3419 IMG_3461 IMG_3394Matt gave me monogrammed charms for Christmas.IMG_2372Wyatt opening his charm (“W”) – for me to wear around my neck.IMG_3281 IMG_2373

Ford opening his charm (“F”).IMG_3218IMG_2429 IMG_3536Ford going after Wyatt’s gifts.IMG_1349 IMG_1371Matt’s Christmas Gift was an Early New Year’s Eve Getaway (my parents were in town for the holiday and watched the babies).IMG_2068 IMG_2054IMG_1516 IMG_2319 IMG_2290We were far from sticking to this agenda! (Update: Don’t go see this movie… it is terrible!)IMG_2266All I want for Christmas…is for everything to be exactly the same.
IMG_1531Merry Christmas!IMG_0528♥ Tera