First Birthday

“Now Presenting… First Birthday!”

Happy Birthday Ford & Wyatt! To think, I only get 18 years (17 now) until these babies are grown up. My babies are ONE!
IMG_2737NEWIMG_2674NEWIMG_2704NEWNEWWe had a small, family party considering flu season. The hats were easier to make than I expected, but the Organic Banana Cakes were anything but a piece of cake and made me go bananas! This is why F&W are eating cupcakes in some of their photos. I had to throw these together last minute because the cakes weren’t ready.
IMG_2050NEWNEWNEWThat said, I almost had a cake smash of my own! Lessons learned… make sure you have all ingredients ahead of time, skip breaking a cake stand, and don’t buy only one pan to make six layers for two triple tiered cakes. I did manage to capitalize on this easy approach… use a cake mix and substitute one mashed banana in place of each egg (baby friendly if the verdict is still out on potential allergies).IMG_2120NEWI couldn’t agree more, Wyatt.IMG_2220 BIMG_0145NEW IMG_0237NEWMy mom gets credit for this cute find. Inside it reads: “Every great man was first a boy.”

I remember Ford on this day, smiling and charging around in his little shorts like he owned the world. I remember picking him up belly down in my arms and flying him around the room, singing “I Believe I Can Fly”. Of course, I start crying as it occurs to me, “I won’t be able to do this forever”. This ideal-size-for-assisted-flying will be gone before I know it.
I remember Wyatt on this day, curling up and belting out his classic, raspy laugh after Matt tickled his toes. I remember how his eyes sparkled when he pushed Ford around in their new wagon. He was so proud of himself. 
These are the moments, beyond the hats, cakes, and gifts, that live on in our hearts.

IMG_0936NEWIMG_9280NEWIMG_1172NEW IMG_1189NEWKiss the cook!IMG_1212NEW

Measurements taken at One-Year Checkup: 
Height: 31 3/8 in (93rd Percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 9 oz (80th Percentile)
Height: 31 3/4 in (96th Percentile)
Weight: 23 lbs 13.5 oz (85th Percentile)
(Percentiles are for a one-year-old, meaning they would be off the charts for their adjusted age of nine months.)

IMG_9227NEWNEWNEW IMG_2651NEWFinally, to make myself feel better about the finite number of 18 years… or 17, I remind myself that Ford and Wyatt will always be my babies no matter how many years pass. That said, what an incredible year this has been. Thanking God for 365 days of blessing.