Gifts of Popcorn

“Now Presenting… Gifts of Popcorn”

Popcorn would have to rank as one of my Top 10 favorite foods. There were a lot of events this month calling for celebratory popcorn (see below). Ford and Wyatt participated of course. The babies have been indiscriminately grabbing things allowing them to experience different textures. Baby Inspiration: The babies were “presented with” the TEXTURE of popcorn.IMG_5231As birthday gifts for two special friends, I made Salted Chocolate Caramel Popcorn (Recipe In Process).
IMG_3374 (1)IMG_3469IMG_6078IMG_6028I decided to make Vanilla Bean Popcorn for another close friend’s birthday. (Recipe: Combine 1/2 Cup Sea Salt, 1/2 Cup Coarse Sugar, and 3 TBS Vanilla Bean Paste (TIP: Use high speed mixer to prevent clumping). Sprinkle desired amount on top of buttered popcorn.)IMG_3149… and, while on the Vanilla Bean kick, Vanilla Bean Chocolate Cupcakes…
IMG_3262I find it easiest to warm and shape the icing (any buttercream) by hand.
IMG_3314 (1)IMG_3349 (1)Lost focus…back to popcorn!IMG_5229For a dear friend who lives TOO far away… sent these Popcorn Shakers… ”Happy Birthday!”IMG_7076IMG_7126IMG_6949The old theater I grew up going to served popcorn with real butter and brewer’s yeast. Popcorn isn’t the same without it now. Everyone should try this! I repeat, everyone should try this!
IMG_6953Speaking of a movie…IMG_6335Popcorn Shakers ready to be shipped…
IMG_6976… and a magazine, come visit soon!
IMG_5144 (1)IMG_7272Last but not least, a Caramel Popcorn housewarming gift for not only an amazing friend but person I go to with most of my baby questions…
IMG_7323IMG_7295IMG_7284IMG_7379Popcorn perspective…IMG_5230♥ Tera