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I’m a mom, inspired by my twin boys – Ford and Wyatt. Ford spent his first 50 days of life in the hospital, Wyatt 65 days, as their entrance into this world occurred almost – 3 months early.

As noted by my “Birth Story”, I was getting ready for work the morning of January 17th, when my water unexpectedly broke. My husband proceeded to rush me to the hospital where my doctor calculated exact gestation to be 25 weeks and 4 days. I faced the realization that – at any moment – I could potentially deliver babies that might not survive and if they did faced many risks associated with not being fully developed. I am so grateful the little ones held out almost a month amidst a ruptured amniotic sac. During this time, I have never felt so dependent on God. I experienced remarkable clarity as to WHAT MATTERS MOST in this life we live. Since, I have put climbing the corporate ladder on hold (I am currently on a 14 month maternity leave), meanwhile placing focus on the fleeting moments of babyhood.

I have learned so much from Ford and Wyatt’s entrance into this world. They continue to give me new perspectives each day, and I can only hope to inspire them as much as they inspire me.

This blog represents an attempt to bridge my activities with Ford and Wyatt’s learning, specifically considering their development month by month. It begins as a stretch. In other words, I’m not sure how interested my babies were in the strawberries used to make strawberry rhubarb pie for “Matt’s Birthday”. However, in only a few short weeks, when I introduced Wyatt to the marshmallow used for “Campfire Cocoa”, he grabbed it…the first object he truly grabbed. It melted my heart to capture this on camera. (“Matt’s Birthday” and “Campfire Cocoa” – soon to post).

From my few logged days of motherhood, I’ve realized there are easier days and harder days. Sometimes, there are really, really hard days. Despite loving something more than you could have ever imagined, there are definitely times when it feels like you are doing the same things over and over again. This initiative has helped break things up for me and the babies, introducing new things to our routine. If you haven’t already, TRY THIS! Bridge something you enjoy related to everyday living with your baby or child’s learning - take pictures and write about it. You will love it!

I dedicate this blog to my mother. She stayed home with her three children and homeschooled on top of it! I don’t think I would be capable of this and admire her incredibly. I remember when she told me her primary goal was to be a good mother. She far surpassed this goal. Over the years, I have witnessed her demonstrate selflessness and love. I thank her for instilling in me a love for learning. She is a true inspiration of motherhood. A mother - such an intimidating role. To think… your babies have the whole world in front of them, and you are largely responsible for initially presenting it. Many days I fall short. However, I continue to give it my best knowing God has things under control and has plans greater than my own!

Feel free to e-mail me about similar pregnancy/birth experiences or baby inspired life – lifebybaby@gmail.com

♥ Tera

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