Day in the Life

February 24, 2013*:

In love with this stamped tag necklace from one of my closest friends. F&W are going to like playing with it.IMG_1984NEW

February 13, 2013:

First Steps! Wyatt took his first steps today. I didn’t get it on camera so we will honor the big event with one of my favorite pictures of him – taken when he was 6 months old (3 months adjusted). He started crawling extremely early. Ford started only a few weeks later. Ford was so funny today. He wouldn’t let me feed him any of his bites. He had to do them all on his own.IMG_4920-2

February 2, 2013:

Happy Superbowl! Matt always tells me how excited he is to watch football with Ford and Wyatt one day. By the looks of this picture – these Baby Hawks are ready now!IMG_8019-1.2NEW

December 31, 2013:

Our cards came in… Happy New Year!
Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 2.59.33 PM

December 24, 2013*:

Christmas Turkey Bag! I am in love with this bag they gave me at checkout for my Christmas turkey. Cheers to holiday eating!IMG_9884

December 17, 2013*:

Kiss me under the Christmas Tree. We went to a blue spruce tree farm. Snow dusted the ground. The sun was close to setting. We found “the tree” in record time – 5 minutes! F&W cried at the noise of the chainsaw… that, or they were compelled to sing “Oh Christmas Tree” at the top of their lungs!IMG_2405December 10, 2013:

I try to get him to tell me what volumizing product he uses… He just won’t tell me.IMG_2475December 8, 2013:

My friend hosted a Cookie Exchange today. I made Peppermint Shortbread Cookies. Matt watched Wyatt, and I took Ford (we alternate). Ford was the only boy…eleven girls!IMG_1903November 29, 2013:

It turned out, my Mother and Father-In-Law were ill/recovering once Thanksgiving rolled around. That said, I was no longer hosting Thanksgiving dinner at my house as planned. It was just me and the babies for the holiday. To make Ford and Wyatt’s ”My First Thanksgiving Puree” I roasted a turkey, baked sweet potatoes, and blended. It was not well received. I was cracking up at their faces. It must have been a temperature thing because they seemed to gobble more down today.IMG_9483