Pinch Proof

“Now Presenting… Pinch Proof”
Just in case a pot of gold isn’t found at the end of the rainbow and wearing green doesn’t save them in a pinch… Ford and Wyatt set up their very first bank accounts the day after St. Patty’s.

We went to the US Bank building downtown. Matt and I sat down with a babies at a desk for new accounts. I think the guy helping us was amused. An adult like nature seemed to come over F&W. It turns out, they are very serious when it comes to their money, proven by their miniature poker faces. They gradually became more comfortable and lounged back on Matt’s lap. Ford even propped his foot up on the desk.

After a few minutes had passed, they started to expire and needed their bottles. Once the bottles were gone they couldn’t sit still. Next came the Yogi’s. I never thought dehydrated yogurt would be so crucial.

The man helping us didn’t have kids and probably wasn’t planning on it any time soon after reaching for a piggy bank jar that happened to be covered in baby drool. Matt, wearing his obnoxious “Real Men Make Twins” T-shirt, couldn’t stop laughing and apologized repetitively.
IMG_3129Saved Shekels
IMG_3095IMG_3016NEWIMG_3274Safeguarding their assets…
IMG_3225NEWIMG_3260Matt’s T-shirt, worn far too frequently…
IMG_3142I hope you had a BLESSED St. Patricks Day!IMG_3180